COVID-19 Policies

Your health and safety continue to take top priority. We have adapted our clinic policies and procedures to take strong precautions against the spread of COVID-19. We have established enhanced disinfection procedures and have strict policies in place regarding preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We successfully resumed in-house treatments in May without any known exposures at our Sarasota clinic and look to continue that streak in Juno Beach.

We strongly encourage everyone to continue to practice physical distancing, wear your mask when in public and to stay home as much as possible in the near future. We know that we all are starting to get a little stir-crazy, but we are not out of the woods yet. Any outside contact, including coming into the office, potentially increases your risk of exposure.

We will continue to be available for telemedicine services for all patients.

We encourage you to discuss and create a plan with your family members and/or cohabitants about what your comfort level is on increasing your presence outside of your home. Please consider the increased risk for any more vulnerable individuals you may be caring for or come in contact with.

We will continue to take the following precautions to minimize the health and welfare risks to our patients and staff, at our new clinic location.

New Patient Policies

  • All New Patient Consultations will have the option to be held via telemedicine, to decrease the time in the room together and allow for a more comfortable conversation (difficult to talk for an hour with a mask on!)

  • Approximately 18-24 hours before your appointment you will receive a phone call going through COVID-19 screening questionnaire.

    • We are currently not treating patients in-house who are experiencing upper respiratory tract infections, common colds, flus or COVID-19. Please schedule telemedicine visit for an herbal consultation for these conditions.

  • Read & Sign the Assumption of Risk waiver for COVID-19 before coming to the office.

  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time, and please don’t come early or late.

  • You will be greeted outside the front door, and please abide by 6ft physical distancing if others are present:

    • You will be rescreened with our COVID-19 questionnaire and undergo a no-touch temperature check before being allowed to enter.

    • Temperatures >100F will be referred out immediately.

    • Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry

  • Patients are required to wear a face cover for their entire visit in the clinic.

  • Please leave all personal items at home or in your car, bringing only yourself, a face covering, and form of payment.

  • The waiting area will be closed. If you have someone accompanying you please have them wait in the car or they will need to stay in the treatment room with you for the duration of your visit.

Practitioner Screening and Cleaning Policies

  • Dr. Rhoads will be wearing a face mask, face shield and gloves during all patient encounters.

  • She will go through the COVID-19 screening and temperature check upon arrival to clinic daily and will take the appropriate measures to cancel appointments if she fails any of those checkpoints.

  • Limited office hours and time gaps between appointments allow for enhanced disinfection protocols for all surfaces of the treatment rooms and high touch points in the office, using EPA approved disinfectants. This always has been and will continue to be done between every patient.

  • All linens have been and will continue to be changed and laundered between every patient.

  • Strict hand washing procedures throughout the day.

The full Pandemic Infectious Disease Office Policy is available upon request! These policies will be constantly reviewed, adjusted and updated as needed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this time!


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