Ear Acupressure | Auricular Therapy

Community Style Walk-In Clinic will resume as soon as it is safe!

For now you can:

  1. Schedule a one-on-one in-person visit, “Auricular Therapy” BOOK HERE

  2. Order your ear acupressure kits, and apply yourself at home. To order condition-specific ear seed kits with my affiliate link CLICK HERE

Source: Essentials of Chinese Medicine-Beijing

What is it?

Small seeds from the Vaccaria plant or small metal pellets are used to apply pressure to specific acupuncture points on the outer ear. They are kept in place with an adhesive tape, basically they are medical grade therapeutic stickers!

How does it work?

The ear represents a microsystem of the whole body! Specific points on the outer ear correspond with different body parts and Chinese medicine organ systems. By stimulating these points using gentle pressure, we can treat those areas and bring change to the body and the spirit.

What does it treat?

Since the ear is a microsystem we can pretty much target all of the different systems in the body. The most common conditions that I treat using ear acupressure are:

  • Pain

  • Appetite Control/ Weight Loss Support

  • Stress/ Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Digestive Support

  • and more!

What to expect:

The ear seeds/pellets normally last for 4-7 days, as this allows you to continue to get the benefit of the treatment throughout your week. You can gently press on the seeds for a few seconds throughout your day to increase the activation of the point and give yourself a little extra support when you need it. The application process is quick and easy! It takes only a few minutes.

These are great for kids, teens and those who may be nervous about the idea of acupuncture needles!


These small seeds from the Vaccaria plant are used in the more traditional form of ear acupressure. They are the perfect size to apply pressure to the points on the ears. Wang Bu Liu Xing, the pin yin name for the seeds, is an herb that we also use internally in formulas for pain and swelling.


These Swarovski® crystal ear “seeds” actually have 24 K gold plated round pellets on the back that is applying the stimulation instead of the more traditional Vaccaria seeds. They still work by applying pressure to the specific area, just also give us a little more sparkle!


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